Volunteers paint street walls, transform cityscape

Volunteers paint street walls, transform cityscape

One of the volunteers paints the wall of a children's home in Bengaluru. FACEBOOK

Every weekend over 20 volunteers including artists come together to transform the cityscape into vibrant spaces of colour and positivity.

The group redecorates public walls, children’s homes, playgrounds, government schools and such, with meaningful doodles.

As part of the ‘Paint For a Cause’ project, the volunteers have already painted over 20 street walls so far. To start with, the walls are cleaned up and whitewashed. Further on, they are painted upon with beautiful art, doodles and motifs, accompanied by inspiring messages. The area around the walls would otherwise be misused by the public, especially to urinate in the open and dump garbage. The ‘Paint for a Cause ‘ project is an initiative by Smileys India, a volunteer organisation that started functioning in 2015, with an aim to support NGOs and government structures through the medium of art. 

The volunteers are set to restore the Brahma Kumari Road in Koramangala - a stretch rundown with garbage dumped near the walls. The restoration effort, titled the Dyudle Art movement, is being organised in collaboration with the Dyu Art Cafe. The idea is to beautify the street walls of Koramangala in the coming weeks.

“Now, people have stopped spitting and urinating. They are taking selfies instead, standing along the painted footpath and chatting. This is a welcome change and the very intent behind the whole project,” says Vidushi Jayaswal speaking about the success of the project.