Waghmore’s parents meet him 15 days after his arrest

Waghmore’s parents meet him 15 days after his arrest

Accused Parashuram Waghmore’s mother Janaki Bai and father Ashok Waghmore.

Parents of Parashuram Waghmore, the man accused of pulling the trigger on senior journalist Gauri Lankesh, met him at the CID headquarters on Sunday.

The meeting happened 15 days after Parashuram's arrest from his residence in Sindagi in Vijayapura district for further interrogation in the case.

Parashuram's mother Janaki Bai and father Ashok Waghmore arrived at the CID headquarters at 11 am. They met the chief investigating officer DCP M N Anucheth, who permitted them to meet the accused.

CID sources told DH that Janaki broke down on seeing Parashuram, kissed him on the forehead and hugged him for a long time. Janaki also told Parashuram to confess to any crimes he might have committed, rather than being assaulted by the police. On the other hand, she asked him not to be scared if he is innocent.

"You aren't a person who would go to the extent of killing someone. At the same time, don't protect someone else and become a murderer," Janaki allegedly told her son. She later asked him to tell her what really happened, if he does not want to confess to the police.

Parashuram allegedly responded to his mother that he did not commit any crime and was confident of being released. He later asked his father Ashok to take care of his mother, who suffers from hypertension and diabetes.

Claiming that he was victimised, Parashuram told his parents that it would suffice if both of them believed in his innocence. CID officials said Parashuram also cried.

Following the hour-and-a-half meeting with their son, Parashuram's parents told reporters that they were relieved to see him after 15 days, and had asked him to stay confident. The couple said CID officials did not assault him in custody.

Parashuram's custody ends on Monday. Officials said he extended full cooperation to the investigation and gave all relevant information, so there would not be a need to extend his custody.