Want to register your new car? Have parking space first

Want to register your new car? Have parking space first

The government aims to reduce traffic congestion and encourage public transport. DH File photo/Srikanta Sharma R

In order to curb traffic congestion and the rising vehicle pollution in Bengaluru, the state government is considering stopping car registrations of people who do not have their own parking space. 

The government will even stop registering diesel cars to regulate private vehicular population, Transport Minister D C Thammanna told reporters on Wednesday. But the new rules will be enforced only after a year and after consulting all stakeholders, he added. 

"For starters, the Transport Department wants to launch a year-long awareness drive on the use of public transport and carpooling. If there's no difference even after a year, we will be forced to impose these restrictions. Many households own two or three cars though they do not necessarily need them. As a result, commuting in Bengaluru has become a nightmare. We will actively encourage carpooling," he said. In future, cars will be registered only if owners give details of their parking facilities, he added. 

Electric buses 

The department is also looking at decreasing the usage of diesel in its own vehicles. "Diesel buses will be phased out and will be eventually replaced by electric buses. The Centre has already agreed to give us 80 electric buses. We have sought another 150 electric buses. Once the state budget is presented, we will approach the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) to either give us grants or buses," Thammanna said. 

The minister also talked about integrating Bengaluru's development with the Transport Department for better traffic management. He said that despite the introduction of Namma Metro, traffic congestion had not eased. He blamed unscientific planning by the previous dispensations. "Metro stations have been planned without making any provisions for bus stands at the stations. There are several such lapses. These can be set right if both departments are integrated," he added.