Women from slums trained to be cab drivers

Women from slums trained to be cab drivers

Praveena from a slum has been trained to be a cab driver.

When Sukanya lost her husband two years ago, the mother-of-two struggled to find the money to support her family and educate her sons.

Having been trained as a driver, Sukanya now stands a chance to be hired by one of the city-based cab aggregators.

“I’ve an identity now and can be a role model for several women,” Sukanya said.

She was among 15 women in the city to get trained as drivers by Bengaluru-based NGO Action Aid and DXC Technology. In all, 60 women from Bengaluru and Jaipur hailing from low-income families have benefited from this training.

Sumukha (name changed), who earned a living by sweeping streets, is also a recipient of the training, as are women who previously worked in garment factories and rolled agarbatis.

“Our family depended on my husband’s income,” said Praveena, another woman trainee. “I had a fear that I wouldn’t be able to educate my children. This training has given me hope.”

Malar, the programme manager with Action Aid, said the trainees will soon be recruited by cab aggregators. “The city has a very few women cab drivers. There’re several job opportunities for them and this will also help them earn more money,” she said, adding that cab aggregators Go ink and Taxshe will hire them.

“Our primary objective is to provide an opportunity to women from deprived communities to explore alternative livelihood to lead a dignified life. We’re proud of the women who’ve taken the brave step to break the gender stereotype and serve the society by ensuring safety for women and girl children,” Malar added.