Siddhapura-Nellurahalli road work stalled for no reason

Siddhapura-Nellurahalli road work stalled for no reason

Residents staged protest a month-and-a-half ago to get the Siddhapura-Nellurahalli road repaired. 

Having started the repair work of the Siddhapura-Nellurahalli road a month-and-a-half ago, and not before protests by residents, the BBMP is dragging its feet on finishing it.

Work on the road, which has been pending for the past three years, seemed to be progressing well when the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike seemingly turned its back.

Residents complain about how the roads have been abandoned and garbage is dumped.

"We have no idea why they stopped the work now," said Poornima, a resident of Siddhapura. "They've covered the road with sand, gravel and crushed stone and left it. They haven't built the sidewalks and garbage is being dumped on either side."

Private school buses cram the road during the peak hours, Poornima complained, adding that the road is the only shortcut for the techies to reach their offices at Old Airport Road and IT

PL. "The BBMP has turned a blind eye to the road for many years," she said.

Residents said the project to widen the road had to be given up several years ago after some landowners refused to make space.

"Mahadevapura MLA Aravind Limbavali got the road repaired and asphalted in 2015, but the road has since worn out," said another resident, Komal P.

Palike officials, however, assure that the road work is going on without a hitch. "We've started the repair work a few days ago and will asphalt the road soon," said a BBMP official.