Workshop for women scholars at St Joseph's

Workshop for women scholars at St Joseph's

The St Joseph's College of Commerce is organising a seven-day national workshop on research methodology for women scholars. The University Grants Commission-sponsored event aims to increase the number of women scholars in the country. 

Dr D Raja Jebasingh, Assistant Director, Research, St Joseph's College of Commerce Research Centre and the organiser of the event, told DH: "Previously, we had organised two events for both men and women, but very few women turned up. So, we decided to have the third workshop exclusively for women scholars. As we focused only on women, we are getting a good response." 

Earlier, the research centre had limited the number of seats to 30, but as the demand increased, it increased it to 45. "We are ready to extend the number to 50 but cannot go beyond that. We are happy that we got a good response from women compared to the previous workshops," Jebasingh added.

The workshop will focus on various aspects of research and the session will be taken by experts from different fields, where the research centre is ready to provide particular subject experts if needed by the scholars. 

When asked about the participation of women in the research field, Jebasingh said: "Social science and humanities are the most sought-after subjects for women scholars. The age group is mainly graduates." He added that the trend of women preferring to do research after 40 years is slowly growing every year.