Con artiste posing as woman nailed by Urva police

Con artiste posing as woman nailed by Urva police

Bengaluru based 19-year-old con artiste who was blackmailing netizens by posing as a woman was arrested by Urva police.

Acting on a tip-off, Urva police Aditya alias Ashwini alias Aradhya of Subedarpalya in Yeshwantapur and his accomplice Arun H S (27) of Ramanagara district near Columbia hospital on Tuesday.

It is said that the modus operandi involved Aditya posing as Ashwini or Aradhya on Facebook and then befriending netizens and coercing them into sharing their pictures.

Using these pictures, Aditya used to blackmail his victims. Urva police informed that one such victim, a resident of Urva police station limits, had reportedly paid Rs 65,000 to Aditya in Yeshwantapura.

However, Aditya posing as a police officer and then as a politician continued to harass the complainant demanding more money. The complainant who was frustrated with this ended up filing a complaint with Urva police.