Conflict of interest: ZP member disqualified

Conflict of interest: ZP member disqualified

H Kavitha Prabhakar

The civil court nullified H Kavitha Prabhakar’s ZP membership on grounds of conflict of interest. Her husband Prabhakar, a contractor, had bagged a majority of the works of the ZP.

Advocate Niranjan said: “If any representative or his family members serve with a conflict of interest, then he/she cannot continue as member. We had furnished all documents to prove that Prabhakar was a contractor for works initiated by the ZP.” 

Kavitha was elected from Bhagamandala constituency on February 20, 2016, defeating Congress candidate Devangodi Tilaka. While filing nominations, as Kavitha submitted the necessary documents, her papers were accepted. After the polls, Tilaka filed a writ in the civil court, which nullified Kavitha’s membership and declared Tilaka as member.

Kavitha said she will appeal in the district court.