Terrific Thai cuisine

Watch Planet Food on September 29 at 8 pm on TLC. The golden kingdom of Thailand is home to some of the most pungent and spicy ingredients in the world. Regarded as the world’s fourth most popular cuisine, Thai food is valued for its low-fat content and health-enhancing properties.

 In this episode of Planet Food, presenter Merrilees Parker visits paddy fields and aircraft hangar-sized rice barges, shops in the floating markets of Bangkok and the night market in Chiang Mai and discovers beautiful fresh fruit, as well as the notoriously smelly durian fruit.

She cooks steaming pad Thai noodles and tangy fish sauce with a street food vendor and masters the intricate art of fruit sculpture.

The race is on... 

Aliens almost certainly do exist. So why haven’t we yet met? It turns out we are just developing instruments powerful enough to scan for them and science sophisticated enough to know where to look. As a result, race is on to find the first intelligent aliens.

But what would they look like, and how would they interact with us if we met them? The answers may come to us sooner than we can imagine, for one leading astronomer believes she may already have heard a hint of their first efforts to communicate. Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman takes you on a quest to find out are we alone in this universe? The programme airs on September 29 at 8.30 pm on Discovery Science.

Powerful underground authority

HBO presents Angels and Demons starring Tom Hanks, Ewan Mcgregor, Ayelet Zurer and Stellan Skarsgard on September 29 at 9 pm.

When Robert Langdon finds evidence of the resurgence of an ancient secret brotherhood known as the Illuminati, the most powerful underground organisation
in history, he also faces a deadly threat to the existence of the Illuminati’s most despised
enemy — the Catholic church.

Upon learning that the clock is ticking on an unstoppable Illuminati time bomb, Robert is recruited to travel to Rome, where he joins forces with Victoria Vetra, a beautiful and enigmatic Italian scientist.

Embarking on a non-stop, action-packed hunt through sealed cryts, dangerous
catacombs, deserted cathedrals and even to the heart of the secretive vault on earth, Robert and Victoria follow the 400-year-old trail of ancient symbols that marks the Vatican’s hope for survival.

Cheers to life

WB presents Beerfest on September 29 at 9 pm. In this comedy from the
director of The Dukes Of Hazzard, two brothers travel to Germany for Oktoberfest and stumble upon a super-secret — centuries-old competition described as Fight Club with beer games.

After the brothers experience a humiliating defeat, they  return to the United States and assemble a group of all-star beer drinkers in order to make a triumphant return to
the Beerfest.

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