Housing co-op society violations come to fore

Court commissioner points out lapses by VBHCS

 Bhori, who was appointed as a commissioner by the High Court, has said that the construction in both the places was illegal and unlawful as the land acquired for formation of a layout of Banashankari 3rd stage was forcibly encroached upon with the assistance of politicians, local men and other persons.

“The BDA has to take possession of the property even if it has to comply with the order of bulk allotment of October 2007 or for the formation a proper layout there,” the report observed.

The report said that before the bulk allotment notification, the lands were vacant with a just few unauthorised constructions such as sheds and compound walls. But once the notification was out, unauthorised constructions sprang up.

“All the laws and regulations like KTCP Act, CDP, Open spaces and Parks Act have been completely violated by the members of the Vishwa Bharati House Building Cooperative Society at the instance of Krishna Bhat,” it said.

Yielding to to political pressures, khatas have been issued to unidentifiable properties, though the BDA did not hand over the entire property to the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP).

Power connection

The BESCOM authorities also granted power connections to these properties. “Some of the persons continued with these unauthorised constructions falsely claiming that there is a stay order from the High court. The properties cited before the court are unidentifiable.These unauthorised constructions cannot be regularised nor there is any provision available to regularise them,” pointed out the report.

Bulk allotment

The report said that after bulk allotment notification, the VHBCS had failed to comply with the order. It also deliberately failed to give sanctioned layout plan in terms of Town and Country Planning Act, CDP and ODP for the formation of the layout.

“In view of all these, the BDA, the Government and the public at large have been deprived of the amounts that are required to be paid for getting the properties transferred from BDA in terms of bulk allotment" the report explained.

The court had appointed B B Bhori, AEE in BDA ( Girinagar) on April 17. He and members of BBMP, BESCOM and others had conducted a spot inspection on May 11.

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