Big steps on small screen

Big steps on small screen

Wonder Kids

Big steps on small screen

Little stars: Anisa, Tapas and Nakul.

These kids may have the innocence of the characters they play on screen but the amount of time they have spent in industry has made them  professionals.

The stars of the television serial Ishaan, who were in the City recently, talked to Metrolife about their experiences of working on television, their hobbies and films they like.

Tapas, who started out as an actor at the age of 13, is passionate about the entertainment industry.

“I love acting and dancing. Everything about this industry is very attractive,” he says. Nakul, on the other hand, did a film course before starting out.

“While in school, I used to take part in plays and was also a big fan of action movies. All those things accumulated and later when I was thinking of graduation, my dad asked me to graduate in the field I was interested in,” he says.

Anisa, on the other hand, travelled all the way from London to act.
 “I grew up watching Hindi films and I wanted to be an actress. And fortunately I received an opportunity here,” she says.

Among the three, Tapas is the only one who is still in school. So he has to fluctuate between studies and acting. Does he find it hard? “It becomes difficult after a point of time but you have to figure it out. A lot of people on the set are of the same age. So we help each other out,” he says.

So what do they like doing during free time? “I hang out with friends and watch films. I also like travelling,” says Anisa.

“I want to learn as many instruments as possible, so in my free time I learn new instruments,” says Tapas, who already plays the guitar, drums, keyboard and the bongo.  Ironically, in spite of being television stars, neither of the three watches any television. But all of them are film buffs.

“I love Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. I study all of his characters in depth. And I have seen Sweeny Todd, Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so many times,” he says.

Tapas though prefers good entertaining cinema. “I liked Inception, Jab We Met, Wanted and Dabangg,” he says.  The thing that you can’t ignore about the three is the obvious bonding. “We are best of friends and keep calling each other all the time,” says Nakul. “Shooting is a blast and we don’t really feel like we are working,” says Tapas.

“For me, the feel of being in a school is still there,” says Nakul.“Since I was not from Mumbai, I was a little hesitant but everyone made me feel very welcome here. And even though my co-stars are really young they have more experience and I have learnt a lot from them,” says Anisa.

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