Chikkahole dam reaches brim in Ch'nagar

Chikkahole dam reaches brim in Ch'nagar

It has filled after a gap of three years; brings cheers to farmers

Chikkahole dam reaches brim in Ch'nagar

Suvarnavathi dam is also short of 15 feet to reach the maximum level. Seeing incessant rains in Chikkahole and surrounding, even that reservoir may fill soon, say officials.

The level of Chikkahole dam which is 2,474 feet. According to sources, the dam’s level shot up by 20 feet between 2:30 am and 8 am on Wednesday.

The total inflow into the reservoir is around 900 cusecs and outflow is 750 cusecs. Water is being released to Suvarnavathi River through the connecting canal.

Farmers and public are gathering in large numbers to witness the nature’s bounty. The dam, which usually fills during the month of October, has reached a brim after a gap of three years.

The command area of Chikkahole is 4,047 acres, which has two canals. The length of the Left Bank Canal is 16 km and length of Bandigere canal is 12 kms and has a capacity of 0.37 TMC, according to sources.

Suvarnavathy is situated 2,455 feet above the sea level and current water level is 2440 feet. Meanwhile, the outflow from Chikkahole also reaches it which has a capacity of 1.25 TMC and around 9,741 acres of land benefit from it.


The unabated sandmining at the river banks of Suvarnavathi river is said to affect the farmers.

The river also irrigates 2,741 acres in the region. But illegal sandmining is going out of control at Hebbasuru, Aluru, Boodithittu and Chandakavadi.

Around 15 to 20 feet deep pits are dug at the river banks and the water collects in these pits and hinders the smooth flow of water, which affects the agriculture, laments farmers of the region.

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