Where the red rose of the heart lives

  My red rose grows instantly, mystically, over Bach’s Mass in B Minor or Verdi stains the soul with his sacred Agnus Dei.

Every magical trip to Lal Bagh is ruined when on the way I see the millions of chickens cooped up in  cages waiting to be fed to  chicken lovers! It takes a while to delight in  purple water lilies with their shadows silvering  water, and a dragon fly finally agreeing to pose upon a rose white as rice.

But only an Ingrid Newkirk could feel the red rose of her heart beating over the death of a mouse! We all scream and screech over rats and mice and find the deadliest poisons to kill them. But the President  of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA, in her book ''Making Kind Choices" shows us "everyday ways to enhance your life through earth- and animal-friendly living'',  how to deal kindly with mice!

This amazing book is crammed with environmentally sound advice and ofcourse the expected tips for putting your heart out for animals, birds, butterflies, plants and ourselves. With a foreword by Sir Paul McCartney, this book cannot be missed by anyone who cares to enhance living with grace and compassion. We learn how to create a humane home, even an eco-and animal-friendly bathroom! The animal friendly bathroom chapter tells us how after long and patient struggling, animal lovers have managed to ensure that Gillette, Avlon and Revlon have stopped using animals in tests. Body Shop and Paul Mitchell Systems have never used animals at all. The Body Shop also supports native industries in local indigenous communites, like cooperatives run by Amazonian Indians who have lost their land. A PETA undercover agent had photographed on film how rabbits, mice and other animals were imprisoned in stocks, heavy collars and then shaving foam was sprayed into their eyes, dandruff shampoo was forced down their throats, irritants were left on their shaved skin to burn through to their flesh, and many of them died!

This chapter tells you how to bathe without guilt! Then you learn how to select the purest candles. And you must know how to deal kindly with mice! Avoid those sticky glue traps sold in stores. They are cruel and veterinarians in Maryland signed a petition to outlaw them on grounds of cruelty. As Ingrid describes how glue traps and spring traps hurt rats, you are deeply moved. It is kinder to seal up any holes or cracks through which mice may enter our homes!

To be kind to ants, pour a line of cream tartar, red chilli powder, paprika or dried peppermint at the corners etc. where ants enter the house, they won't cross it. You can also wash countertops, cabinets, and floors with equal parts of vinegar and water and put a little paprika at the edges!

Your lawn: two terrifying true tales about lawns sprayed with pesticides which killed a dog and a cat, and humans too,  should teach you to be wiser. The cat died within minutes and the dog within a few hours.

The owner collapsed and is now permanently disabled! Fungicides killed a navy lieutenant George Prior whose skin blistered and peeled away, his organs collapsed, and he died. The fungicide had been applied on the golf course where he had gone to play!
You learn how much safer and healthier your lawn is without any pesticides. The book is a treasure chest of wisdom for healthy living. Written with deep tenderness and brutal honesty, detailing boldly the terrifying greed and wickedness of greed, but also the few hearwarming changes coming up it will not be easy to read, but very hard to put down. Don't miss it. Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin. www.stmartins.com

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