The new technology used in Pergo Sense makes its extremely durable laminate floors more silent and more comfortable to walk on.

With this technology, the company has created a hard-wearing floor that offers not just durability but also softness and quietness. The quiet floor has been made using the SoundBloc and SoftTech technology. With the introduction of Sense, Pergo floors are not only an extremely hard-wearing surface that ensures a long lifespan, but they also feel softer to walk on with lessor sound.

Pergo Sense with its SoftTech technology provides its patrons with satisfaction making living very contented, as it provides extraordinarily quiet laminate flooring.

The multi-layered system in combination with the dense core material makes an impact resistant flooring as the sound-blocking layer is located just under the laminate surface. The technology also resists the impact caused by playing children, dropped objects as well as high heels which can cause harm to laminate floors. Pergo combines beauty, durability, and easy care, so you never have to worry about your floor.

Pergo Sense comes with enchanting coloured planks to choose from like the Pergo Sense Seaside Pine, Pergo Sense Natural Oak, Pergo Sense Haven Oak Plank, Pergo Sense Fruitwood, Pergo Sense Glazed Maple and Pergo Sense White Pine.

The installation of these enticing planks are also provided with easy–end results with its Smart Lock Glueless or Prolock System because the system has patented click joints which is done by clicking the co-joints, without using any kind of glue needed that makes installation effortlessly easier and time-saving.
These stunning planks are priced at Rs 320 per sq feet and their dimensions are 196x196x10mm.

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