HBA demands to make Hyderabad second capital of country

The movement will appeal to Central and State Government to make Hyderabad a second capital of India as desired by Dr B R Ambedkar, the patriarch of the Indian Constitution.
HBA has been formed on lines of Narmada Bachao Andolan headed by Medha Patkar, Convener of the HBA, Thallapalli Prashant Kumar said.

Kumar said the demand was being made in the wake of issue of bifurcating Andhra Pradesh, which will demote Hyderabad from being a capital of 23 districts to just ten districts.

He said a two-month campaign would also be launched to educate people about the importance of the city and need to make it the second capital of the country. The campaign would end on December, 6, the death anniversary of Ambedkar, he added.

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