Rs 98 cr action plan approved

Amidst confusion, the proposal was sanctioned at the ZP meeting

 Amidst the chaos and confusion, an action plan of Rs 98 crore for the year 2009-2010, with certain conditions, were also passed at the meeting, which was held here on Thursday, at the Zilla Panchayat auditorium.

The general body meeting was marked with heated arguments between Zilla Panchayat President Srinivasan and members Muniraju and Narayanswamy.

The proposal for the election of the new chairmen for the various sub-committees of the Zilla Panchayat was made by Zilla Panchayat President Srinivasan.

To this, Muniraju and Narayanswamy stated that they have still two months for them, as chairmen of Standing Committees for Agriculture and Industries, to go.

Too early

It was too early to suggest elections for these posts, the members argued. Muniraju and Narayanswamy’s opinions were supported by the other members, Kokila and Venkatamuniyappa.

Earlier to this, Muniraju objected to the sanctioning of Rs 1 crore, to every gram panchayat, under the Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, without bringing the matter to the notice of any of the elected representatives.

To this the Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Officer clarified that the Gram Panchayats were sending Action Plans, which were passed in the Gram Panchayat meetings.

These Action Plans were first passed by the Taluk Panchayats within 15 days and then, they were approved by the Zilla Panchayat. All the works were being undertaken as per the rules. Nobody had violated any rules, the Chief Executive Officeradded.

However, Muniraju and Narayanswamy, expressing anger, stated that the Gram Sabhas were never held. Decisions were being taken without conducting the meetings, they argued.

To this, MLA Venkatashivareddy instructed the authorities concerned to discuss every matter with the local elected representatives, before taking any decisions. He also instructed to issue a circular in this regard.

Daily wage employees

Further, Narayanswamy took the CEO to task for not regularising the services of the daily wage employees, serving in other departments of the ZP.

He said, the ten daily wage employees working in the technical section of the Zilla Panchayat had been regularised. Similarly, why was the services of other daily wage employees serving in other sections was not regularised, Narayanswamy questioned.
The Zilla Panchayat president instructed the Chief Executive Offier to take action in this regard within a matter of 15 days.

The Zilla Panchayat president also fixed a period of 15 days to take action against the officials of the Social Welfare Department, who had utilised grants in excess, sanctioned to the department.

Zilla Panchayat Vice-President Naveed Khan was also present at the general body meeting.

Allocation of funds

The financial grant to the tune of Rs 98 crore for planned programmes for the year 2009-10 has been apportioned between Zilla, Taluk and Gram Panchayats in the ratio of of 42 pc, 34 pc and 24 pc respectively.

A sum of Rs 18.97 cr has been allotted for education, Rs 12 lakh for adult education, Rs 20 lakh for youth service and sports, Rs 1.37 crore for medical services and public health, Rs  3.44 crore for family welfare department, Rs 26.72 lakh for Indian System of Medicine, Rs 3.48 crore for Social Welfare Dept, Rs 2.45 crore for Backward Classess Welfare Dept, Rs 2.78 crore for Women and Child Welfare, Rs 1.38 crore for Agriculture, Rs 47.50 lakh for Horticulture, Rs 69.50 lakh for Animal Husbandry, Rs 32.70 lakh for Fisheries, Rs 2.50 lakh for Social Forestry, Rs 8.80 lakh for Co-operation, Rs 81.80 lakh for Rural Development and other programmes, Rs 30 lakh as grant for Panchayat Raj institutions, Rs 13.25 lakh for village industries, Rs 19 lakh for sericulture, Rs 2.43 crore for road and bridges, Rs 7.80 lakh for financial services, Rs 7.40 lakh for handloom and textile department, Rs 4 lakh for science and technology, Rs 2.25 lakh for arts, culture and library, Rs 4.52 lakh for the welfare of physically challenged and senior citizens, Rs 4 lakh for agricultural marketing and Rs 69.60 lakh has been reserved for the welfare of minorities.

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