Collision with stardom!

Ball girls tale

 Ball girl Erin Lorencin was shaken but not stirred after Frenchman Michael Llodra collided with her and had to retire from his match with Germany's Tommy Haas on Wednesday.
Fellow ball girl Chloe Chambers then stepped into the spotlight, enjoying a light-hearted game with Haas in front of 10,000 spectators on Court One.

On Thursday, they were bombarded with questions by reporters at an impromptu news conference and deluged with texts and messages from around the world.

Chambers, facing the cameras with amazing media savvy for a 15-year-old schoolgirl, said: "I am just over the moon that I got to play with Tommy on Court One. It was just amazing all the response I got from my family and friends."

"When I got home my mum said, 'I saw you on TV'. People all around the world have been calling."

Her tennis heroine is five times Wimbledon champion Venus Williams.

Asked who was her men's hero, she laughed and replied "I would have to say Tommy Haas. I saw him give a little clap at the end so I did OK."  Jokingly probed about whether Haas could improve his game, she said: "Maybe his forehand, a little bit more topspin".
Chambers, who has been playing since she was three, added: "I am only a ball girl not a tennis player. To be handed the racket and get this much publicity is amazing."

While Chambers played in front of thousands of spectators, all poor Lorencin got was a clout across the ear.

The collision with Llodra went by the 15-year-old in a blur.

"I don't remember much... I was really confused. I was very shocked. I really didn't expect it to happen," she said."

"Luckily my friends are on a camp right now thank God but a lot of them did text me. It is really embarrassing. My little brother was very pleased and laughing."

Lorencin, who plays tennis up to four times a week, would love one day to switch from ball girl to tennis player.

Asked to name her tennis hero, she had no hesitation in saying: "I love Federer so much".

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