Invoke Durga at Navaratri

Invoke Durga at Navaratri

The scripture, Devi Mahatmyam, assures us that if we turn to Her in a crisis, the Divine Mother who is the ocean of compassion sets everything right.

Just as our own physical mother cared for us as we passed through the stages of an infant, toddler, child and youth before understanding and experiencing life, the nine nights of Navaratri are stepping stones for us to grow from spiritual ignorance to spiritual knowledge and power.

Spiritual ignorance means lacking the awareness of the existence of our soul also called as spirit at all times and this awareness brings about tremendous will power to gain and propel towards empowering ourselves.  

Usually, when we lack awareness and will power, we experience trouble. Trouble means bad situations caused by bad vibrations which only attract such negative and weak minded people towards us. This weakens our mind and we don't know which bad qualities to discard and which good ones to nurture.  We don't even know what our priorities in life should be. We are unaware of our future and the kind of karma in store for us. So, often the decisions we take land us in great trouble.  

When this happens, we should turn towards Maa Durga invoke Her and pray. Once we consciously seek Her guidance and surrender ourselves to Her care. She frees us from the shackles of our own karma.  The Divine Mother as Maa Durga has given us a very simple formula to banish troubles, problems, worries and crises permanently from our lives. Everyday, we just have to offer all our actions mentally to Her saying - "Mother, I offer this at Your Lotus Feet.

Give me the Will Power to comprehend the truth of - Your Will always prevails" . When we do this, it liberates us from our ego which is the generator of all our karma. It also transforms the quality of our work.  
While our work is uni-dimensional, The Divine Mother's Will makes it multi-dimensional. Conceptually speaking, if we offer a circle at Her Feet, She transforms it into a sphere.
So, if our work is imperfect, She makes it perfect. If it is already good, it becomes excellence personified. Maa Durga fills our lives with supreme confidence and bliss and we become Her channels carrying divine vibrations so as to banish misfortune, troubles and bring in prosperity and peace.