Man rapes son's wife to keep family on

Man rapes son's wife to keep family on

 Details of the incident in the sleepy, low-income Seethamma Colony came to light two days ago when Bangaru Edukundalu’s son, Srinivasa Rao, complained against him at the Nagaram Palem Police Station under Guntur West.

In his complaint, a shocked Srinivasa Rao alleged that on Firday, when he was away from town, his mother made his wife Nagalakshmi swallow a sleeping pill claiming that it was for infertility. After an unsuspecting Nagalakshmi lost her senses, she was raped by Bangaru Edukundalu.

Nagalakshmi, who gained consciousness after a short while, recognised that the rapist was her father-in-law. She was tied to the bed by her in-laws but she was freed by her neighbours who came running on hearing her loud wails.

Nagalakshmi was then sent by the police for medical tests to the Government Hospital in Guntur on Thursday.

In-laws’ plot

The incident was as per a plot hatched by Bangaru and his wife to keep the family going, as both the sons of the couple were childless despite being married for several years.

They wanted a child for one of their sons and hence thought of drugging and raping Nagalakshmi.

Police have taken the couple into custody and are investigating.