Pratibha connected them, now she separates them

Pratibha connected them, now she separates them

Gowramma lives with memories, Pavan with his second wife and son

Pratibha connected them, now she separates them

Pavan Shetty, husband of Pratibha has moved on, while Gowramma, Pratibha’s mother is still struggling with the memories of her dead daughter. They don’t talk to each other any more.

With the 11th Fast Track Court convicted cab driver Shivkumar guilty of raping and murdering Pratibha Srikantha Murthy, the most important, tragic, traumatic and horrifying chapter in the lives of both has ended. It is a closure that has not brought them peace, although they acknowledge that justice hs been done.

Pavan Shetty has no plans to come to Bangalore to be present in the court when it announces punishment to Shivkumar.

“But, I will decide what I should do next after considering the quantum of punishment. I am likely to come down to Bangalore in a couple of days,” Shetty told Deccan Herald over phone from Pune.

He said he doesn’t want to comment on the quantum of punishment as it will be contempt of court. “The one who took away my wife’s life should get capital punishment,” he said.

Asked whether he would challenge the verdict of the lower court if the quantum of punishment is not what he expects, he said: “I don’t want to comment till the court completes the formalities. At this stage, what I can say is that I have got justice from the court. It’s been due since long time. And I am happy for that,” Shetty stated.

Shetty, who moved to Pune last year to work with Infosys, termed as “relief” the court’s decision. “I have no plans to meet my mother-in-law Gowramma immediately. She still seems hostile. She is an elderly woman. I greatly respect her. I love to meet her, talk to her and be with her for some time. I want her to forget it and move on. I want her to mingle with the people around and move on. I am with her,” he said.

Shetty is remarried to a woman from Bangalore and has a son. He said he was greatly disturbed when some people suspected his involvement. “Of course, they doubted me for two days, but those two days I only know the trauma I underwent. I had lost my wife, and the world was making allegations. Fortunately, things took a different turn soon,” he added.

He says it’s impossible to forget Pratibha. “There is a very special place for her in my heart. I will continue to carry the same feeling till I die,” Shetty said.

Gowramma’s world

For Gowramma, it’s the lone world filled only with the memories of her daughter. She doesn’t blame Shetty. Gowramma had opposed Pratibha’s decision to marry him, but consented considering Pratibha was everything to her. She wonders: “Will capital punishment bring back my daughter?”

Several employees at HP GlobalSoft, where Prathibha worked, welcomed the court decision. The company has kept her memory alive by having a Prathibha week every year in May and a hall dedicated in her name.

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