Moily unhappy with delay in cases by fast track courts

Moily unhappy with delay in cases by fast track courts

"I must say that it is not justifiable for the delay. A Fast Track Court is a Fast Track Court and that is what it is meant for. This is a matter we all should revisit and ensure that the fast track courts should serve the purpose for which they are there," he said.

On whether any step was being taken in this regard, Moily said he was considering the issue and "talking to the judiciary so that the very concept of the fast track courts is not distorted".

After a five-year trial, a Fast Track Court in Bangalore sentenced cab driver Shiva Kumar to life imprisonment till death by for killing 22-year-old Pratibha Srikanthamurthy, the only child of Gowramma, a widow.

Moily also said that he was working on "sentencing guidelines...where the courts give varying judgements...I am bringing out a law in itself so that there will be some sort of a consistency and also a uniformity in sentencing in the cases.

"This looks to be a rarest of rare cases but still I can't pass a value judgement on that, after all this is the original judicial court," he said.

Expressing sympathy with Pratibha's family, he said, "I can understand the concerns of the family. Pratibha was the only daughter of her mother."