Girls just wanna have fun!

Girls just wanna have fun!

Girls just wanna have fun!

SWING IT! Dancercise has become a huge hit with women as they believe it is more than just another fitness routine.

Young women in metros seem to be asking themselves this question and finding the answer in  hobby classes and workshops that promise loads of fun while helping them acquire a new skill and connect with other like-minded women.

Voice modulation classes, story-telling sessions and fitness workshops that incorporate dance, aerobics and zumba are becoming increasingly popular with women, be they busy working professionals or equally busy homemakers.

Kanchana Kathiresan, a social worker who recently wanted to enhance her skills at story telling, says: “Women are usually good at expressing themselves. Given the right training and the right opportunity, I discovered that many of us did  become adept story-tellers. We bonded very well as a group and by the end of the six-day course, we were sharing our deepest secrets with one another!”

M N Leela, property consultant and mother of a teenager, shares Kanchana’s opinion. “I found the story-telling course interesting more so because it brought out the child in me. Some participants were above fifty, yet their enthusiasm was so contagious that none of us had problems either discussing our fears or showing off our strong points whether in making puppets or telling tall tales! Obviously, the short-term course had much more to offer than just helping us acquire a new skill,” she says.

Does this mean that women, irrespective of age and income, are exploring new ways of reinventing themselves?

Jennifer Pinto, zumba co-ordinator in Bangalore, says: “A course like zumba can become a hobby class, a fitness routine or a life-changing experience.  It  generates plenty of positive energy as it combines intense dance-aerobics workouts with foot-tapping Latino music.”

Given the fact that such a form of fitness can be learnt even at home, watching DVDs there are many enthusiasts who want to join a group.

“It is definitely more fun  in a live class and in the company of other women,” adds Jennifer.

 So happy are the women that odd timings of the class and the challenge of juggling their professional and domestic responsibilities are not seen as deterrents. 

One reason could be that these courses act as a tonic in times of stress.

“When I am at place other than home or office and when I am doing what I love to do, I forget everything else and focus only on the task at hand. I enjoy being with other enthusiasts,” says one of the dance workshop participants who declined to be named.

Describing the classes she organises, Snigdha Kemkar, RJ and corporate trainer, says: “The only reason I think women come in as early as 6 am every day for the class is because they feel energised and happy after an hour’s dance and fitness session.”

Snigdha Patnaik, a medical transcriptionist, says: “Joining dancercise has made me look forward to more such sessions where the class turns out to be an opportunity to network, bond and have fun while being fit.”

Clearly, it doesn’t matter what age group you belong to or from what background you hail from. Innovative hobby classes are mushrooming in your neighbourhood to suit your lifestyle and your convenience, so have you signed up yet? Now, whoever said only men have all the fun?!

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