A quintessential village

A quintessential village

A quintessential village

 Kallaje stream which flows beside Marakatha Sri Dugaparameshwari

The village amidst thick greenery is known for Marakatha Sri Dugaparameshwari Temple. The temple is situated amidst arecanut, coconut plantations, thick forest and the Kallaje stream flowing beside it.

The main deity of this temple is Sri Durgaparameshwari. The temple is known for fulfilling the wishes made with regard to marriage, curing of the disease and job. The temple provides an escape from the mundane routine life to be amidst the greenery in calm surroundings. It draws into its fold people from various segments; and binds them together.

It was said that Goddess Sri Durgaparameshwari was residing in Rathnapur in Balugodu. However, she deserted her place and came near Kallaje stream and settled down on the banks of the stream.

When Markhandeya seer was meditating in the region, he heard a ‘ashariravani’ of Goddess being settled down on the banks of the stream. Later, he installed the idol of the Goddess in the place where the temple is situated.

The temple which is situated on the western side of Kukke Subramanya temple is the speciality of this temple. The eighth avatara of Adimathe—Sri Duragaparameshwari is the presiding deity of the temple. As the years rolled, the kings who ruled the region installed the statue of Chaturbahu Goddess. In fact, the region is known for ‘Marakatha’ gem which is one among the Navarathna.

It is believed that ‘theerthodbava’ takes place in Kallaje on the day of ‘Makara Sankramana.’ It is believed that taking bath in the Kallaje stream which flows beside the temple will ward off all the sins. The wishes made before the Goddess after taking bath in the stream gets fulfiled even to this day, says Managing Trustee P R Padmanabha Gowda.

A large number of devotees across the state and outside the state visit the temple to make wishes.

It is believed that in the olden days, if anyone makes wish for getting married, and places the ‘Hariwana’ (plate) on the banks of Kallaje stream beside the temple, all the jewellery required for the marriage will be found on the Hariwana on the following day. It is said that there is direct connection between Kukke Subramanya, Samputa Narasimha and Harihara Pallathadka Harihareshwara God with that of this temple.

The temple was in neglected condition till 1990s. In 1998, under the direction of Subramanya seer Sri Vidyaparasanna Theertha, the temple was renovated at the cost of Rs 30 lakh. The temple provides meals for the devotees on every Friday, Tuesday and on the day of Sankramana.

A hall is being constructed at a cost of Rs 17 lakh in the temple premises. There are also plans to construct ‘gopura,’ retaining wall, hanging bridge, ‘snanaghatta,’ lodge, museum, library, garden and a ‘mahadwara.’

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