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Hard-hitting facts

Tune in to National Geographic tonight at 9m to watch Preserve Our Planet: Six Degrees That Could Change The World. The programme showcases dramatic sequences that reveal the history of similar events in our planets lifetime; the science behind why these events will happen; and the technological weapons we can wield to fight back. The drama of each degree will be hard-hitting, revealing through cutting-edgegraphics a descending prism into the world of each degree warmer we get, from geological, weather, biological, and human perspectives. The show aims to draw viewers into each degree act with the story of a comparable weather event that will illustrate what we’re in for.

A lesson in history

This episode of History of Whatever on Fox History & Entertainment will provide an insight into the history of radio and jewellery.

Anchored by Javed Jaffrey, this is an exclusive studio based documentary show tracing the existence of simple pleasures of life that make our one billion plus nation tick. It brings to life the various aspects of human life, the products we consume, the brands
that make us, things of everyday use that give us our identity. Catch the episode on October 14 at 10 pm.

Insect world

Insects may be small and regarded as pests by most humans, but they are often armed with the most sophisticated natural weaponry on the planet. Follow quirky New Zealand-based entomologist Ruud Kleinpaste as he journeys the world to uncover little-known secrets about the insect world in Animal Planet’s exciting series Buggin’ With Ruud. In the episode on October 12 at 9 pm, Ruud explores Papua, New Guinea in search of giants. He introduces viewers to some of the biggest spiders, stick insects and beetles as well as a wide range of butterflies dressed to impress the opposite sex including the world’s biggest butterfly — the Queen Alexandra Bird Wing.