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Rock and Roll Jihad
Salman Ahmad with Robert Schroeder

Jaico Books, 2010, pp 232,     395

This is the story of the incredible journey of Salman Ahmad, the leader of the band Junoon who is renowned for being the first rock and roll star to destroy the wall that divides the West and the Muslim world.His band became the U2 of Asia, a sufi-rock group that broke boundaries and sold a record number of albums.

The Upside of Irrationality
Dan Ariely
Harper Collins, 2010, pp 334     399

It explores what is it to live irrationally and how being aware of the hidden forces of emotions, meaning and ownership can lead to better decision-making and ultimately a happier, more contented life. Why is it that the things we think will make us happy, rarely actually do? If you’ve ever wondered what it is that leads you to make those dubious decisions then you need this book.

Why we lie
Dorothy Rowe
Fourth Estate, 2010, pp 364,     350

This is a book about lying. We lie to maintain our vanity. We lie when we call our fantasies the truth. Lies destroy mutual trust, and fragment our sense of  who we are. Lies have played a major part in climate change and the global economic crisis. We lie to others, and, even worse, we lie to ourselves.We are capable of changing, but will we choose to do this?

The story that must not be told
Kavery Nambisan
Penguin, 2010, pp 272,     499

It is the story of an ageing widower Simon Jesukumar who aspires to do something worthwhile with what remains of his circumscribed, frustratingly blameless, cocooned middle class life. His aspirations are stirred by his nagging guilt about the slum next door named Sitara. It’s poignant, unsettling and incisively thought-provoking.

Battle for bittora
Anuja Chauhan
Harper Collins 2010, pp 426,      299

This is a humourous, romantic and rollicking new tale of young India. Its about a 25-year-old Jinni who lives in Mumbai works in a hip animation studio and is perfectly happy with her carefree and independent existence. Under the influence of her stubborn Grandmother she has to drop everything and come and contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from her sleepy hometown, Bittora.

Saris and the city
Rekha Waheed
Hachette India, 2010, pp 341,     250

This is about an ambitious city analyst Yasmin Yusuf who hopes for a traditional happily ever after. But now they’ve been shattered, there’s only one course of action: get smart, sexy and successful. Throwing herself into her new job restoring the fortunes of a failing lingerie company. It looks like the odds are stacked against her,  risking everything for success. Love, lingerie and loyalties collide in this feisty romance.

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