Flowers speak a thousand words!

Flowers speak a thousand words!

Royal emblem

Flowers speak a thousand words!

Flower design of ‘Gandabherunda’ at the flower show being held at Curzon Park in Mysore. dh photo

Sweet smelling roses, a variety of dahlias and other flowers in a riot of colours, sizes and shapes calm your nerves at the week-long flower show organised as part of Dasara festival.

The moment one steps into the vastness of the Curzon park, which has turned into a virtual garden all your problems take a backseat with you admiring the beauty of flowers. The hands automatically try to capture the best on your mobile cameras.

The department of Horticulture, which has been organising the show has made it a point not to leave any vacant corner and has decked up the whole area with the pots of rare flowering plants. It is but natural to have a tinge of jealousy for not being able to have such beauty at your home garden and have to literally control your motor functions from not plucking one.

That is not all, you also have a chance to witness the rare breed of ash gourd, bottle gourd, snake gourd, chillies of different colours and shapes, variety of brinjals, tomatoes, pumpkins and other vegetables at the exclusive vegetable garden.

The cynosure of all the eyes this year is the majestic ‘Gandabherunda’ bird which stands nine feet tall almost dwarfing all the other exhibits.

Speaking to City Herald, Kalidas Raj of Upahaar Company, Bangalore, who has bagged the order of making flower structures, said they had taken a whole of three days to complete the bird which resembles the royal emblem of Mysore Maharajas, decorated with roses.

The flower structure is about nine feet in height, eight feet in width and a good three feet thickness and comprises of more than 30,000 flowers.

He has also made a structure of Nandi with roses which is six feet tall. The roses have been sourced from Bangalore. Thermocol elephants being decorated with plantain leaves, Thai style of flower decoration  Janur, and Proteas, a variety of flower from South Africa is brough exclusively to be displayed here. The roses would remain fresh for around five days and it would be replaced, he added.

The Gandabherunda bird is literally a visual treat with both sides of the bird decorated with different colours of roses. While one side a majority of white roses are used, the other side is of yellow roses.

And for those who would love to be a proud owner of such flowers decorating their garden, seeds and tubers are also available at the premises. Arrangements have also been made to sell snacks at the premises to keep your children occupied while you admire the beauty of flowers.

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