Obama commends declaration on aviation security

Obama commends declaration on aviation security

At its Montreal headquarters, the 190-member International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) adopted a declaration to enhance aviation security collaboratively and proactively through screening technologies to detect prohibited articles, strengthening international standards, improving information- sharing and providing capacity-building assistance to member states in need.

The declaration, Obama said, forges a historic new foundation for aviation security that will better protect the world from evolving terrorist threats.

"Following the attempted December 25th terrorist attack, at my direction, the Department of Homeland Security has worked with ICAO, our international partners, and representatives ranging from airline CEOs to aviation industry trade associations in an unprecedented effort to strengthen international aviation security," Obama said in a statement.

The global collaboration demonstrated by the countries during the ICAO General Assembly has helped to bring about a truly 21st century international aviation security framework that will make air travel safer and more secure, he said.

Welcoming the agreement on international aviation and climate change, the State Departments deputy spokesperson Mark Toner said delegates to the Assembly adopted an unprecedented global commitment to collective action around the world to limit and reduce carbon emissions from international aviation.

"ICAO recognised that further work is necessary to define the path forward on implementation and the US affirmed its commitment to further efforts within ICAO," he said. The Assembly adopted by consensus an unprecedented Declaration on Aviation Security.

"Because every airport offers a potential entry point into this global system, every nation faces the threat from gaps in aviation security throughout the world – and all nations must share the responsibility for securing that system," Toner said.

The Assembly endorsed the ICAO Comprehensive Aviation Security Strategy (ICASS), and gave unanimous support for the continuation of the Universal Security Audit Program (USAP).