Adequate stock of fertilisers for the district : DC

Seeds stocked up in 26 Raitha Samparka Kendras

Deputy commissioner Anwar Pasha, at a meeting with the officials of agriculture, horticulture, revenue, food and civil supply, watershed development departments and the representatives of fertiliser manufacturing companies, held to review the supply and distribution of fertilisers in the district, expressed satisfaction over the stock of necessary quantity of fertilisers in the district.

Teams formed

The district has received 1905 metric tonnes of urea, 3156 metric tonnes of DAP, 1083 metric tonnes of MOP and 3262 metric tonnes of NPK so far, he informed.

While there was no dearth for manure, steps will be taken to ensure proper distribution of fertilisers to the needy and genuine farmers. District and taluk-level teams are formed to ensure that there is no unauthorised fertilisers stock in the district. These teams will hold a meeting with the dealers and guide them with necessary suggestions whenever necessary, he said.

Agriculture joint director Natraj said, there are 171 authorised dealers for the agricultural products in the district, out of which 36 in Chikkaballapur, 32 in Gauribidnur, 30 in Shiddlaghata, 21 in Bagepalli, 40 in Chintamani, 12 in Gudibande. The teams are having the names of these dealers and will conduct frequent surprise visits and take action against problematic dealers. The team will act swiftly and protect the farmers, he said. To ensure distribution of manures only to the real farmers, the name of the farmer and the other details should be compulsorily registered on the bill. The dealers are instructed to write full address of the farmer, their survey number and the extent of land in the bill duely signed by the farmer, he said.


The following are the price of the fertilisers as determined by the government (per 50 kg inclusive of all tax).

Urea Rs 251.16, DAP Rs 486.20, MOP Rs 231.66, SSP powder Rs 176.80, SSP crystal Rs 197.60, 10:26:26 Rs 374.24, 12:32:16 Rs 397.12, 14:28:14 Rs 366.60. 14:35:14 Rs 425.62, 15:15:15 Rs 266.29, 17:17:17: Rs 30.81, 19:19:19 Rs 337.32, 16:20:00 Rs 305.50, 20:20:00 Rs 327.34, 20:20:00 Rs 277.84, 23:23:00 Rs 319.54, 28:28:00 Rs 389.01.

Farming activities  in 1.45 hectare

The district has not yet received average rainfall. The district has received 174.4 mm rainfall as compared to the usual rainfall of 190.0 mm by the end of June, agriculture joint director Natraj has informed in a press release.  Agricultural activities will be taken up in 1.45 hectare of land, in the district. Sowing activities will be taken up in the first week of July. This will be carried out till  the end of August.

He has suggested the  farmers to be ready with their field and to stock up  manure and  seeds. Subsidy will be offered to the seeds supplied by the department.  Seeds are stocked up in the 26 Raitha Samparka Kendras across the district, he has informed.
Seeds will be distributed till the end of August. Fertilisers are stocked at co-operatives and with private dealers. Measures are taken to ensure that the seeds are not sold more than the price determined by the government, he has said.

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