Poor rain hits agriculture activities

Power cut hampers supply of even potable water in the taluk

The farming activities including cultivation of land, sowing seeds have been halted owing to delayed monsoon.

Some of the farmers still have attempted to cultivate field. They have ploughed the land and spread manure, with a hope of monsoon reviving soon. Farmers are out with their cattle and ploughs to prepare the land for sowing.

The farmers have made all preparations to sow the seeds of groundnut, raagi and are desperately waiting for rains. But the raingod is yet to show mercy as there is only gusty wind and no sign of rains. Besides, the temperature has also not come down.

Apart from the poor rain, the farmers have other issues to cope with. Even if it rains, the infrastructural issues such as lack of tractor and oxen to plough land would further hamper the farming activities.

As harvesting mango crop has continued in the taluk most of the tractors are hired to transport the crop to market, thus causing inconvenience to the farmers.

Adding to their woes is the irregular supply of power. Vegetables including tomato and cauliflower grown near borewell are withering as there is no power to operate borewells and irrigate the crops. Besides due to low/high voltage farmers are unable to irrigate their fields using pump sets. Even potable water could not be supplied due to power cuts.

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