Don't sledge, CA tells cricketers

 The Australian cricket board, through a strongly termed letter, has reportedly conveyed the message to members of Ricky Ponting’s brigade who are now gearing up to retain the Ashes.

CA has written to each member of its Ashes touring side and told them to cut out the verbal assaults on opponents that have been part of their game ever since Ian Chappell brought sledging into their domain in the 70s, Daily Mail reported.

The move came after a CA survey revealed the public are not quite satisfied with the behaviour of their cricket starts in comparison to “champion” golfers and swimmers and want them to clean up their act. Not only that, Ponting’s side also have been told in the strongest terms not to spit or swear on the pitch at any time nor claim catches that may have hit the ground before reaching the fielder, the report said.

KP almost there

Kevin Pietersen did his best to allay concerns over his troublesome Achilles injury ahead of the Ashes by declaring himself “practically 100 per cent fit”. The former England captain is widely regarded as crucial to the home side’s hopes of regaining the Ashes. “I am nursing my injury at the moment, getting myself right. I’m practically 100 per cent fit so I don’t want any setbacks,” he told Sky Sports on Thursday.

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