BBMP clarifies: Toilets measure 625 sq ft

According to the EE, the actual cost of construction as per the estimate is Rs 8.01 lakhs. The cost for each toilet block excluding sanitary fittings, electrification and miscellaneous, works to a lumpsum provision of Rs 1,93,379.

However, the total expenses, inclusive of all the facilities to keep the toilet clean and hygeinic works out to be Rs 10 lakh for each toilet block.

 He said the actual built-up area and construction cost will be worked out after completion of the work.  However, K V Srinivasan, the chartered engineer, who pointed out the ‘lavish’ spending on the toilets, has stuck to his claim that the public toilet measures 492 square feet. The actual built up area is 369 sq feet since 25 percent is provided for ventilation and light. “Even if we go by the EE’s claim that the built up area is 625 square feet and the expenditure is Rs 10 lakh, the per square feet expenditure is 1,600. Houses are built at Rs 1,000 per square feet with teak wood doors and granite flooring” he said.  There are no  costly fittings at these toilets even to cost so high, he said.

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