Differences in AIMPLB over moving SC

Differences in AIMPLB over moving SC

The AIMPLB is holding a meeting here on October 16 in which a decision about moving the apex court against the high court judgment is likely to be taken.

The high court in its judgement had rejected the claim of the Sunni Central Waqf Board over the disputed land. The court gave the land on which the idols of Ram Lalla and others are situated to the Hindus and ordered trifurcation of the rest of the land among the three contestants. “Some senior members of the AIMPLB are of the opinion that the high court judgment should not be challenged in the Supreme Court,” a senior Board member told Deccan Herald here on Sunday preferring anonymity.

The AIMPLB members, who were against approaching the apex court, have made their views “public”.

“They want the Muslims to accept the high court verdict showing magnanimity,” the member said.

“Well...every body is entitled to his or her opinion in a democracy....they may have their own views,” he went on to say.

“The AIMPLB has already convened a meeting to discuss the matter...those who are against filing an appeal in the apex court can put forward their views at the meeting,” he said. “Their views are, however, not binding upon the Board, which will take a decision after ascertaining the views of all the members and if need be through voting,” he added.

The AIMPLB member claimed that the Hindu parties in the suit would “definitely go in for an appeal as they want the entire disputed land and are also against any partition”.
“It does not matter whether we (Muslim contestants) go in for appeal or not...they (Hindu contestants) will certainly go,” the member added.

Given the divergent views of the members on the issue of challenging the verdict, the meeting of the Board is likely to be a stormy affair. “There is no possibility of a consensus decision,” he added.