Sanatan Kriya- A Complete action

Sanatan Kriya- A Complete action

Sanatan Kriya is an assimilation of ancient sciences and philosophies as were given by the Vedic rishis sixteen thousand years ago, designed specifically to suit the lifestyle of modern man.

It is a measure to stop exploitation of the gullible at hands of sly businessmen selling Yog for personal gains. This one-hour kriya has four parts to it, namely, basic joint rotations, chakra santulan pranayam, paanch mahaprana dhyan and dhyan with Guru.

So what does the kriya do? Just carefully observe the name 'Sanatan Kriya', complete action. It encompasses in totality whatever needs to be done in this entire janam - yam, niyam, asana, pranayaam, pratyahar, dhaarna, dhyan, samadhi. A practitioner of Sanatan Kriya is on the path of Yog, which leads to only one state- that of ananda or complete bliss.

To attain this, a being has to overcome hurdles called experiences - each experience being a new salvation, taking him a step forward from where he was. Everyday I encounter seekers with problems ranging from common cold to those of the cosmos. Yet, all are able to find their answers in Sanatan Kriya. That's because the kriya is designed to facilitate salvation, to each his own.

The benefits of Sanatan Kriya thus come to include anything and everything that is desirable. It works on the simple principles of Prakriti and Santulan. Regular practice of the kriya helps the being to attain a state of balance in all layers of existence - physical, emotional, financial and spiritual. What follows can be best be gauged from the experiences of those who practice it.  Every member of Dhyan Foundation is a living example of the power of Sanatan Kriya. They have actually compiled a book 'Miracles- A Way of Life' to share what they have gained…

Sneha Sharma, 23 enjoys the attention she gets from all around her about her glowing skin and shiny hair; a few months ago no one bothered to look at her a second time.