Wrestlers of city set for 'Vajramushtikalaga'

Wrestlers of city set for 'Vajramushtikalaga'

There are more than 150 jatty families in Chamarajanagar

Wrestlers of city set for 'Vajramushtikalaga'

For d-day: Wrestlers practicing for ‘Vajramushtikalaga’ at Nimbujadevi Vajramushti Akhada at Doddagaradi in Chamarajanagar on Sunday. dh photoMeanwhile, the professional wrestlers belonging to ‘jatty’community are gearing up for the bout to be held on the Vijayadashami day in Mysore.

The ‘Vajramushtikalaga’, native wrestling has a history of its own and has a special place in Dasara. This particular type of wrestling is held on  Jamboo Savari day, as is the tradition being practiced since Maharaja’s rule.

The ‘Vajramushtikalaga’ dates back to the days since  Dasara festival began and teams from Channapatna, Mysore, Bangalore and Chamarajanagar participated in the wrestling matches earlier. The wrestlers involved in the bout  fight with the weapons made of ivory and the sport comes to an end only when blood oozes out from  one of the wrestlers’ forehead.

Earlier, the sport used to evoke huge curiosity among people; but now, it has remained a mere symbolic representation played out to protect tradition and four participants are presented with Rs 5,000 each.

The teams rehearse at the Nimbujadevi Vajramushti Akada at Doddagaradi in Chamarajanagar. There are records that Yajaman Seetharamu Jatty had participated in the wrestling during the festival for nine times. Speaking to Deccan Herald Sreenivas Jatty a wrestler said that he was taking part in the competitions this year too and has been rehearsing for the same.

It is a matter of pride to participate in the ‘Naada Habba,he added. The Doddagaradi in Chamarajanagar has a history of six centuries and hundreds of jettys who have practiced here have displayed their talent and created records.

There are more than 150 jetty families in the city. You can see many who still practice in the Garadi regularly. But today’s youth hardly have any interest left towards the desi sport which has a history of centuries and is on the verge extinction, opine some wrestlers here.

The local administration should take steps to protect the sport and the elected representatives and general public should encourage the sport.

Wrestling trainer Puttappa said the present generation is more attracted towards entertaining sports like cricket and others which involve a lot of money and publicity. This is costing the desi sport like wrestling dear.