Fall from grace

Fall from grace

Fall from grace

Outer Ring Road and IT corridor have pushed up real estate prices which provides a major share of income to villagers.The village, first to be computerised in the whole of Asia in the late nineties, drew crowds from several countries to study the model, is now a example of how apathy can ruin a village.

The apparent lack of infrastructure hits the visitor’s eye inside the village which has a rapidly growing population. Thanks to the IT influx around it. Bellandur has a mountain of problems from lack of basic civic amenities like water, bad roads and sanitation to people being forced to live and breathe the stench of ‘mighty’ Bellandur lake.

90 per cent literacy

A relatively well-off agricultural village near Bangalore, access to education has contributed in making the village 90 per cent literate and acting as a catalyst for it to emerge as the first computerised gram panchayat.

Interestingly, the process began in 1993, way before the State’s IT era (1999- 2004) could establish its feet.

Information on each of the residents along with the minutest of the details on land records, tax records, birth and death records, ration card details and voters lists could be found online in the village. The five villages under the Bellandur panchayat have a total of 2,500 families.

It was a model to many states and several foreign delegates too visited the place to study this model.

However, it is history now. Though its serenity as a village is still established through its paddy fields, coconut groves and mango orchards, the place seems to have lost its identity, which it was known for. Bellandur came into the fold of the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) during the expansion of the Palike jurisdiction.

Huge apartment clusters, corporate firms and multilingual people narrate a different story here. Two major changes have taken place in the village in the recent past.
The Outer Ring Road which goes around the village and the naming of the two sides of the Ring Road as the IT corridor.

This has pushed up real estate prices and now a major share of the income for the villagers in Bellandur accrues from real estate sales and rents.