Eight arraigned in deadly anti-gay attack

Eight arraigned in deadly anti-gay attack

Horrific details of the attack carried out last weekend, emerged yesterday in a criminal court in Bronx where the suspects were arraigned, 'New York Times' reported.
After being beaten, stripped and robbed, a 17-year-old was given a choice by his captive whether he would prefer the bat or the pipe, according to NYT. "I guess the bat," he said.

A 30-year-old man and two 17-year-old boys' were lured into an empty warehouse by members of a gang called the Latin King Goonies, according to prosecutors who said that the victims were all seated in a chair and attacked with everything and anything --a plastic bat, a box cutter, even a shaving cream can.

"Is it true you're a fag?" ringleader Idelfonso (Cheto) Mendez allegedly told his bound victims, according to the 'New York Daily News'.

"How can one human being be so inhuman to another simply on the basis of who they are?" Mayor Michael Bloomberg was quoted by 'The Times' yesterday.

"What kind of twisted logic spurs a large group of men to show off their toughness by ganging up on helpless individuals? That's not showing you're tough, that's just showing that you're weak and despicable," he added.

While a 17-year-old was brutalised with a wooden stick being inserted into the victim's rectum, another 30-year-old man was also sodomized with a wooden object, prosecutors said.

'The Daily News' also reported that the 17-year-old was forced to hit the older man in the face and burn his genitals with cigarettes.

The men then took the older victim's keys and robbed his house. One of the nine men wanted for the crime is still at large. The defendants ages vary from 16 to 23.
Bloomberg has also described the act as "pure evil".