Trekking for fun

Trekking for fun

Trekking for fun

The college took its first semester M Sc Biotech and first semester engineering students on a trek.

The trek led them through the Bannerghatta Forest where the enthusiastic students also went rock climbing.

The students could not get enough of the outing so after the trek, they took part in more games and sight seeing at the Suvarnamukhi pond. There was a lot of team building and jovial friendships were formed.

There was a bonding with the environment too.

Chinni Sridhar, the director of physical education, organised this trek while Saju John, faculty of T John College of Nursing and Bijoy, a staff member of TJIT, accompanied the students.

The riding principle was that adventure and fun should also involve learning and an awareness of nature.

The students also met the conservator of forests at the Bannerghatta Zoo, Milo Tago, to learn more on conservation and biodiversity.