Police at the receiving end

Police at the receiving end

A first: Policemen deployed at the State legislature to ensure law and order

Police at the receiving end

 Bidari stood at one of the two doors through which the legislators of the Opposition parties entered the Assembly Hall usually. His very presence infuriated Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah and JD(S) MLA Zameer Ahmed who shouted at him saying he has no business to be in the House. When Bidari prevented them from entering the Hall through the door he was guarding and directed them to another entrance, the legislators pushed Bidari aside and removed his cap.

Arguing with Bidari, Siddaramaiah termed him ‘an agent of the chief minister’. Finally, the Commissioner gave up and left the place to get reinforcements.

The door’s hinges were broken by Raheem Khan (Congress) in the melee and the members rushed inside the House. Bidari came back with more than a dozen police officers to the Hall, but stood passively, and moved out of the House after a while. The Speaker too adjourned the House.

The very presence of a good number of policemen surprised the members.

The Opposition members not only managed to enter the House, they also ensured that photographers, who earlier had no entry, got inside. The agitated members told the policemen to leave the premises as they had no jurisdiction over the Assembly. 

When contacted, Bidari said he had a written direction from the Speaker to be at the Assembly as the situation was “out of control”.

Displaying a handwritten note in green ink from the Speaker, the officer said: “I had written instruction from the Speaker to manage the situation. I was asked to take the disqualified members out of the House.”

To allegations that he had carried his revolver into the Assembly, Bidari said: “After I became the City police commissioner, I have never carried a revolver. Except a baton, I hadn’t carried anything.”

About other officers on the duty, he said: “I don’t know about others. Revolver is part of the uniform.”

Official sources said the Speaker has authority to take the help of police if the situation goes out of his control in the Assembly. DG and IGP Ajai Kumar Singh was also present at the Assembly.

Later, the Opposition members who met the Governor, lodged a complaint with him against Bidari and requested action.

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