Indian in Dubai accused of stabbing ex-girlfriend 27 times

Last Updated 12 October 2010, 15:25 IST

Prosecutors accused the man, identified only as MN of repeatedly stabbing the 23-year-old Filipina, identified as MS with a knife and also attacking her two Indian workmates who tried to intervene, the Gulf News reported.

The man, however, denied that he had pre-planned the attack, claiming that it happened under the influence of liquor in a spurt of the moment. "I did not have any intention to kill her. The incident happened so suddenly and I did not preplan the whole matter... besides I was under the influence of liquor," M N said, pleading not guilty before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

According to the charge-sheet, MN repeatedly stabbed her with a medium-sized kitchen knife. The computer programmer was charged with a premeditated murder attempt on the victim and with causing her 10 per cent permanent disability.

He was also arraigned for assaulting her Indian workmates identified as, 37-year-old EK and 45-year-old BC, and drinking liquor, the report said. The defendant contended before Presiding Judge Hamad Abdul Latif Abdul Jawad in the courtroom yesterday: "I am not guilty... I consumed alcohol prior to the assault. I am seeking a swift judgement."

However, Presiding Judge Abdul Jawad said the court will assign a lawyer to defend MN when it reconvenes on November 11. The Filipina testified that the incident happened some time after she jilted her ex-boyfriend and decided to leave him because of religious differences and the fact that he was already married.

She alleged that the man had threatened to kill her before the final assault. "I broke up with him because we couldn't marry... he had earlier threatened to kill me if I ditched him. On August 4, 2009, he walked into the company where I worked as a receptionist.

"I told him that I would speak to him later because he was drunk... suddenly he faced me and took out a knife and started stabbing me," MS claimed.
Prosecution records said workmates intervened upon hearing MS's cries. EK and BC were also injured while trying to save the girl.

(Published 12 October 2010, 15:25 IST)

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