KIADB scam surfaced in 2009

KIADB scam surfaced in 2009

But no action was taken, despite tahsildar warning her superiors about the fraud

Records available with Deccan Herald indicate that the government turned a blind eye to the rampant malpractices indulged in to get compensation from KIADB on government land.

The episode came to light in March, 2009 when some persons created bogus revenue records showing ownership on gomala land in at least two villages of Channarayapatna hobli of Devanahalli taluk.

In order to establish various industries, the KIADB procured land from the individuals in Devanahalli. It offered to pay Rs 55 lakh an acre.

The lucrative offer led many people to create bogus documents to prove ownership of land belonging to the government, which they intended to later sell to the KIADB.

Attempts to sell 258 acres

Records show that attempts were made to sell at least 285 acres of government land in Kavadadasanahalli and Baladimmanahalli villages for which fake records were created.
In Kavadadasanahalli, the Devanahalli tahsildar had detected that five people - Ramaiah, Hanumappa, M Subbanna, Channarayappa and Uttanallappa created fake records to sell off 191.27 acres of land.

In Baladimmanahalli, an illegal attempt was made to attach government-owned gomala land in Survey number 25 which the KIADB intended to take over.

Suspecting the involvement of 'influential people' in the whole scam, then Tahsildar Asha Parveen had alerted her superiors of attempts to create bogus records and get compensation from the KIADB.

She had warned her superiors that besides the case workers, unknown persons used to be found working in the Records Section, giving rise to the fraud.

The Tahsildar had highlighted that similar malpractices could be followed at Jonnahalli, Singahalli and other neighbouring villages of Devanahalli Taluk where the KIADB was acquiring land to set up industrial units.

Later, Lokayukta investigations into the KIADB dealings revealed the scale of irregularities in the villages mentioned above.

Sensing a threat to her life for exposing the scam, Asha Parveen had requested police protection.

Three months after she scrapped many land documents as she found them bogus, a massive demonstration was staged in front of her office, alleging that she was needlessly finding fault in the land records and terming them bogus.

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