Home-alone elderly woman found murdered

Home-alone elderly woman found murdered

The Viveknagar police said the victim, Kaushalya (61), was a resident of Ejipura, Viveknagar. Though a gold chain was found missing, all other jewellery including bangles and earrings worn by the victim are intact, said the police.

Kaushalya was the wife of Palaniswamy, who is into milk business. The couple have two sons, Karthikeyan, employed at a mobile service provider company in Bangalore and Balamurugan, employed at a private company in Chennai. The couple stay with Karthikeyan. Karthikeyan’s wife had gone to Chennai with her two children soon after holidays were declared for schools recently, added the police.

Karthikeyan had left for the duty, while Palaniswamy went to K R Puram as he had some work on Wednesday morning. Palaniswamy got a call from his landline around 2.15 pm, but he did not receive it. He got another missed call within seconds. He called back, but no one received it. He called up his neighbour Venkataraman and requested him to go to his house to see what the matter was.

There was no reply when Venkataraman knocked on the door several times. He opened the window and was shocked to see Kaushalya lying in a pool of blood. He immediately alerted Palaniswamy who rushed back soon. The door has automatic locking system. It got locked when suspects went away closing the door after committing the murder. Venkataraman and Palaniswamy broke open the door to gain entry, added the police.

The suspects had used a screwdriver to commit the crime. There were nine stab injuries on Kaushalya’s body. The police suspect hands of some known persons.