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Last Updated 14 October 2010, 11:33 IST

These days, everything in home décor seems to focus on functionality. Be it furniture or furnishings, the bottomline is functionality. The same rule holds good for wardrobes too, those essential storage spaces for any home.

Gone are the days when clothes and other everyday essentials were stored in huge cane baskets that were shoved conveniently under the cot or in tall steel almirahs that creaked every time they opened.

Today, designer wardrobes are a part and parcel of every bedroom. Such storage cabinets are not only functional but add a touch of glamour to the room too, mirroring your taste for artistic decor. But, before shopping for wardrobes, it is advisable to consider the various options available.

Decide whether you want a built-in wardrobe or a custom designed one. While built-in wardrobes give you a lot of storage space, custom-designed ones make optimum use of the space available to create a storage space that can only introduce a ‘wow’ element in the bedroom.

Wooden wardrobes

While installing new wardrobes in the room, it is important to choose the right element, so that it blends in easily with the interiors of the room. Choose wardrobes depending on the décor theme, space and utility value. Wood is considered to be the best choice available. Wooden wardrobes are strong, durable and never fail to add a touch of class to any décor.

While choosing wood to make wardrobes from, it is best to go in for teak or rosewood as they last for life. Though they may prove to be expensive, they are worth every penny, for, wardrobes made of cheap wood will crumble from inside in no time due to frequent termite attacks, forcing you to invest in them all over again.

Wooden wardrobes can be made to gleam by giving them the finish we desire, a finish that adds to the aesthetics of the room. Hand painted designs on wood with decorative scrolls and edgings can be based on the theme of your décor.

If the room has an ethnic décor, then wardrobes can have carvings in them, finished with the polish of one's choice. If the theme is contemporary, then a matte finish will just be right for that much-desired stylish look.

Several other wardrobe beautifying options available include glass doors, mirrors, decorative motifs, and designer handles and knobs. While glass doors lend a surreal effect to the room, mirrors create an illusion of space, making the room look much, much bigger than it really is. In short, such wardrobes make the room look imaginative and stunning.

Wardrobe varieties are aplenty, from doorless and sliding door wardrobes to walk-in wardrobes. However, the choice of the wardrobe variety should essentially be dictated by the size of the room. If space is not a major constraint, then there's nothing like walk-in wardrobes.

Just walk-in, pick up the attire of your choice, match it with appropriate footwear and you are ready to take on the world! Unfortunately, city homes do not offer such luxury to many of us, forcing us to plan wardrobe closets in the minimum space available, often running from ceiling to floor.

Further, if the bedroom is spacious, then wardrobes with double doors that can be opened wide would be ideal. Such wardrobes not only afford easy access to their contents but also facilitate better organisation. However, if the room is not spacious enough, then sliding doors are the best options available. They look fashionable too.

While designing a wardrobe, care should be taken to ensure that it is able to hold all your clothes and accessories efficiently.  Hanging rails, units for belts and ties, adjustable shelves, easy-to-operate drawers, separate compartments for accessories, shoe-racks - a wardrobe should have all these and more. And, never ever let the carpenter decide what your wardrobe should look like, for, nobody knows your storage needs better than you.

More so if you have children using the wardrobe as their storage needs are much different from that of adults. So, list out your requirements before you meet the carpenter and get your wardrobe custom made to suit your needs.

However, discuss all the key issues with the carpenter before hiring him - budget, time frame, working method, etc., and involve yourself creatively in the task of designing wardrobes as they are not installed everyday. For, if designed carefully, wardrobes can easily become the highlights of bedrooms.

(Published 14 October 2010, 11:33 IST)

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