NGO helps Guyanese kids discharge from hospital


Vain bid
Singh, who made a vain bid to take the children on Friday, confirmed that a settlement has been reached and they would leave soon depending on the availability of air tickets.

The children and two adults brought by Singh were about to leave hospital late on Friday night on completion of treatment, but hospital officials insisted she settle the bills for the surgeries, performed earlier this month, before they leave.
The NGO had been sending children to the hospital for heart surgeries for the last four years and used to settle bills after their return by raising funds, said Varshnie. Before reaching Guyana, the children would visit London for a fund-raising event, she said.
Prior to the settlement, hospital chief administrative officer Jose Manavalan had said the NGO owed $ 13,000 on account of surgeries performed during the last visit, but the hospital waived it.

A statement from the hospital said since this was the last batch brought by Singh, it had asked the NGO to pay the full amount after “considerable concessions.” The bill amount came to approximately $ 85,000, including treatment, board and lodging and Singh had not made any payment, it said.

The statement said the attempt by Singh to “force her way out of the hospital” on Friday night without being discharged was “totally unethical and in violation of all norms.”

Disputing the hospital’s claim that the NGO had not settled dues on account of the last visit, Singh said: “We have settled all the claims by the hospital so far during the last five visits. We also have the signed receipts from the hospital. All these have also been posted on our website.”

Agreeing that there had been delayed payments by the NGO, Singh said had they known before hand that 50 per cent of the bill amount needed to be paid upfront they would have come at a later date after raising funds. She praised hospital chief Dr K M Cherian, saying that children in Guyana treat him like God. “He has saved the lives of many children.”

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