Watch your back!

Watch your back!

Watch your back!

What are the most common problems that doctors notice in neuro patients?

Tumours, haemorrhages, disc-prolapse, disc degeneration, brain injury, etc.
Neuro patients aside, almost everyone complains of backache at some point in their life. Why is this happening?

Our ancestors had strong backs and bodies and were capable of vigorous physical work whether in the farms, fields and homes. They even enjoyed this physical activity. Today, we fear vigorous physical activity and get pains and aches at the slightest strain. Our sedentary lifestyles, lack of fitness schedules and wrong postures, are making us prone to backache, and other back-neck problems.
What is the solution? Are there any preventive measures?

Everyone must stay physically fit. Exercise regularly. You can even consult a doctor to specify back exercises suited to your body and tailored to your lifestyle. Besides, yoga is a great way to unwind and deal with stress points. However, the operative word is regularity. Any good physical exercise or yoga is not effective unless done on a sustained basis.
What are the most common surgeries and medical procedures performed on neuro-patients ?

Tumor excision, disc removal, spinal fusion, spinal stabilisation, aneurysm clipping surgery, correction of arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), etc.

What is an aneurysm?

It is an abnormal bulge in the arterial wall usually at the origin of a branch of an artery in the brain. This bulge can increase in size over a period of time and can burst with a rise in blood pressure and cause fatal brain haemorrhage.
How do aneurysms happen?

They are usually caused by a defect in arterial wall and also by arterial wall diseases like atherosclerosis caused by fat accumulation.
What is the most challenging aspect of neurosurgery?

There is no second chance if there is a problem. The planning and execution of the procedure has to be perfect. There is no scope for mistakes or failures because that can lead to a problem for the patient. In other branches of surgery ‘redo’ is possible but not with neurosurgery. We just cannot afford the slightest slip-up in neurosurgery.