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First draft
Witness to the making of Modern India
B G Verghese

Tranquebar, 2010, pp 573, 695
Journalism constitutes the first draft of history, recording snapshots of events as they flit past the stage. Though not a history of India as such, the sweep of this volume, written with zest and humour, fill a gap in
India’s post independence history.

The fabric of our lives
the story of fabindia
Radhika Singh

Penguin, 2010, pp 289, 499
Over the last 50 years Fabindia has grown into India’s most famous ethnic brand with over 100 outlets all over the country. The company has given 1000s of rural
wavers their livelihood. This is the story of that
remarkable journey.

Mumbai Fables
Gyan Prakash

Harper Collins, 2010, pp 396, 599
This book unearths the stories behind its fabulous
history, viewing Mumbai through its turning points and kaleidoscopic ideas, comic book heroes and famous scandals.     

When the Penny drops
R Gopalakrishnan

Penguin, 2010, pp 181, 399
This book is an invaluable source of inspiration and guidance to help leaders understand themselves and their own barriers to success. The inspiring stories will help release the natural wisdom entrapped within us.

Shadow Princess
Indu Sundaresan

Harper Collins, 2010, pp 370, 399
This is another glorious retelling of life in Mughal India. Emperor Shah Jahan’s favourite daughter Jahanara is the mot important woman in the harem as the weight of the imperial zenana is thrust upon her. She sacrifices her own desires for her father.

Stories — All new tales
Edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio

Hachette, 2010, pp 432, 595
The true hallmark of great literature is great imagination, as the editors prove with this outstanding collection, when it comes to great fiction, all genres are equal. It is a groundbreaking anthology that brings together some of the best writers in the world.

Girl Plus One
Rhea Saran

Random House, 2010, pp 284, 199
Funny, smart and utterly entertaining, this book captures the life of a spunky city girl and her quest for that perfect plus one. Laila is a features editor in a popular men’s mag Guyzone in Mumbai. What happens when she loses her heart in the unpredictable game of love?

The Red Devil to hell with Cancer — and back
Katherine Russell Rich

Tranquebar, 2010, pp 262, 275
When Rich was 32, high powered magazine editor in New York her ordeal with cancer began. Here is a woman who has been brought to her knees by disease several times , only to get up and learn to fly.

Where Gods Dwell
Kusum Budhwar

Penguin, 2010, pp 271, 299
In the iridescent snows of the Central Himalayas
know as Devbhoomi, the land of the Gods, there is a
story for every mountain, river and tree. This book
introduces us to Kumaon and Garhwal’s rich folk

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