Indian Hog Plum

Indian Hog Plum

The fruit is used in preparation of chutney, pickle, curries and different types of spicy delicacies. Hog plum is a moderate sized deciduous tree, locally known as ‘Ambate’ or ‘Ambade kaai’.

This tree has got religious importance as it is worshiped in ‘Nakshathra Vana’ for ‘Hastha’ nakshathra.

Leaves and barks are aromatic and have astringent value when administered for dysentery. They are used as refrigerant. Decoction of the leaves used in leucorrhoea. Gum from the barks are used in fumigation. Unripe fruits are said to be a great cure for rheumatism and sore throat. They are also helpful in enriching blood.

A sweet variety of hog plum is also available and these are known as ‘Kasi Ambate’. This condiment fruit is known as ‘Ambasta,’ ‘Aamrothaka,’ ‘Madhuramlaka’ in Sanskrit and ‘Ambado’ in Konkani. ‘Spondias pinnata’ (sondias mangifera) is the scientific name and sweet hog plum is called ‘spondias dulcis’. Both the species belong to ‘Anacardiaceae’ family.

Dinesh Nayak M,
Advisor (Green Belt)

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