Bahal's 'Emissary' released

Bahal's 'Emissary' released

The novel is Anirudha’s rendition of Greek mythology bringing forth the fascinating mix of intrigue, betrayal and violence. Flipping through the pages of The Emissary, it transports the reader to the heart of Greece in the time of Alexander the Great.

Talking about the subject of the book, Aniruddha said, “Greek mythology always intrigued me, specially how the polyaethism practice was wiped out by the advent of Roman who imposed christianity.”

Aniruddha expressed his fascination towards this period in history which is also accounts the first interaction between the western civilisation and Indian civilisation.

He explained there was need to write about this era from an Indian perspective, since most of the Indian writers are obsessed with British Raj when it comes to history.

“The book explores intrigue in totality, its meaning and types,” said Author Anita Nair who released the book.