‘Singing is my first love’

Meiyang Chang’s brush with fame began with his singing prowess, but he left his first love for the sake of acting and anchoring.

Now, the former Indian Idol contestant wants to sing again, and that too for Bollywood.

“I know I have left singing. In fact, I am thankful that some people still remember me for it and invite me to live shows. I have not even done my riyaaz for the past three-four months, but I plan to focus on my singing now,” said Chang.

“I want to start again by singing some jingles and tracks of TV shows. I don’t know when a film song will come my way but ultimately, of course, I would love to sing for Bollywood,” he added.

Chang participated in Indian Idol 3 in 2007, and went on to do live shows. He returned to Indian Idol as the host of the fourth season.

His anchoring skills were recognised, and he was given a chance to be a presenter for the second season of Indian Premier League in South Africa.

But he got a major break as an actor with Yash Raj Films’ Badmaash Company, which also featured Shahid Kapoor. Now, he is waiting for more scripts and says he is happy hosting horror reality show The Chair, which airs on Bindass.

“I never left TV. Yes, I did go on do a movie and like everyone, I want to do many more movies, but let’s not underestimate the power of TV. It is a mass medium and I enjoy doing it,” said Chang, who is also a qualified dentist.

The singer-actor says he took up The Chair for its one-of-a-kind concept, which involves a participant trying to communicate subconsciously with the paranormal at a haunted location.

Chang says he was a fan of horror shows as a child, but he found them resembling comedies when he grew up.

“Beyond a point, all horror shows started using cheap tricks to scare the audience. But I do like some horror movies like The Ring. The Chair, as a show, is different because it shows how people react when they are put in situations involving ghosts and spirits.” Does he believe in the supernatural? “Personally, I think ghosts and spirits are all in the mind.

I think people shed these fears as they grow up. I was scared of blood earlier, but after anatomy lessons during my dentistry study, I am hardly bothered anymore,” he quipped.


Portraying many slices of lifeRealistic: A scene from the show.

Suvarna Channel is launching a new serial Beedige Biddavaru on October 18. Noted director Phani Ramachandra, who has directed a number of films and teleserials with his own inimitable style of irony and humour, is returning to the small screen after a break with Beedige Biddavaru. He has directed a number of super hit films like Ganeshana Madhuve, Gauri Ganesha and Ganesha Mathe Banda besides some record-breaking tele-serials.

The story revolves around six young men who think that software industry alone is supreme and multinational companies are the lifeline of existence, forgetting one’s culture and tradition while earning in millions and then finally going bankrupt in the wake of economic recession.

Many insights, like parents wishing their daughter should marry only a software engineer, are presented in a lighter vein.

“Like my other films and serials, this serial too has a strong social message narrated through humour and irony. Although the story revolves around the world of IT and BT, there is a message for the whole society. I believe the viewers will like it,” says Phani Ramachandra. Starting October 18, Beedige Biddavaru will be telecast every Monday to Friday at 7 pm.

An unusual family drama

Sony Entertainment Television and Optimystix join hands to present a captivating family fun-filled drama Saas Bina Sasural.

Breaking away from the cult of conventional soaps for the first time ever, Saas Bina Sasural narrates the story of Taanya, a young and bubbly girl who gets married to the love of her life — Tej. After the grand wedding ceremony gets over and all the guests are gone, Taanya finds out that Tej’s household includes only men.

Taanya’s despair increases as she realises that she needs to play a warden of ‘the boy’s hostel’, which houses men of all age groups — ranging from 12 to 60 years. How does it feel to live a life surrounded by only men? How would be life for Taanya in a sasural without a saas?  Saas Bina Sasural will showcase an array of such incidents filled with fun and tears. The show has popular actors like Darshan Zariwala, Rajendra Chawla, Ravi Dubey and Aishwarya Sakhuja essaying major roles. The programme premieres on October 18 at 10 pm.

Dedicated to work

John Abraham is very professional when it comes to work. This was evident when the actor turned up on the shoot for Zee TV’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstar despite being down with high fever. While shooting for the episode, John showed up on the sets with 104-degree fever and had requested that the shoot be wrapped up early as he was unwell. With most of the episode having been shot, the team informed him that he could leave if he wanted to.

But he insisted on staying through the entire shoot as it would be unfair to the remaining contestants if he left midway. During his previous appearance with A R Rahman, John had to leave early due to prior commitments and was unable to hear all the contestants. This time, he didn’t want to do the same thing. 

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