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For all seasons!

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For all seasons!

Elegant: Tunics are an ideal choice for many occasions.

A tunic is a loose-fitting garment, with or without sleeves, of various lengths flowing from the shoulders to somewhere between the hips and the ankles. Designer Rahul Jain, of the designer-duo ‘Rahul and Gunjan’, says that the duo always include tunics in their collections. “Tunic is an outfit that is for women who are 24 and above,” he says. He informs that the garment can be divided into two segments — evening wear and day wear. “While the evening wear can be teamed with jewellery, the day wear can be worn in a more casual manner,” he adds.

As far as the colours are concerned, Rahul says that you can wear any colour as per your preference. “Colours are changed as per the trends in the industry. Currently, the colours you would see are deep orange, burnt red and burnt orange. But for day wear, you can also have greys and silver shades where the orange or yellow wouldn’t be visible that much,” he says.

“The day wear should give a soothing look overall,” he adds. Rahul informs that the garment looks good in fabrics like silk, chiffon and georgette. And since Indian women are a little heavier around the bust, it is important that they choose something that has a good cut, he adds.

Accessorising any garment in a correct manner can make or break a look. Rahul says that the accessories for tunics are completely determined by the occasion for which you are wearing them. “Currently wooden jewellery, wooden bangles and stone jewellery look very trendy,” he says. “You can also wear a simple pair of diamond earrings but if you are wearing those, then the accessories should be very catchy,” he adds. “For example, scarves are very much in now. You can wear it around your neck or head or tie your hair with it to give the entire look an edge. But make sure that the scarves are of a different colour from the tunic,” he says. Also, the kind of bag you carry would make the clothes look different.

Tunics are not an all-day garment but can be worn for a variety of occasions. “For me, tunics are something you can wear for a casual evening, a friend’s gathering or a party,” says Rahul. But it is the convenience factor that makes the garment popular. “You can just wear the tunic for work and later change your hair and add some jewellery for a party in the evening because people don’t have so much time to actually go home and change,” says Rahul.

The tunics can be teamed with cigarette pants for work hours. “They give a very smart look. They can be also worn with tights and of course jeans. But you have to make sure you are wearing a well- fitting jeans,” he adds. Tunics can also be worn as dresses but then you have to team them up with a nice pair of sandals and heels and your look for the day is complete.

Smart ‘n’ trendy

Roshin Kuriakose, a working professional, says that tunic is a multi-purpose garment. “I can wear it for a lunch or a brunch but a somewhat darker tone will go well for dinner too,” she says. She says that these look good and trendy with a lot of things. “They look smart with trousers and of course junk jewellery,” she says. She mentions that there are no particular colours she is fond of. “If the prints are bold, then I go for lesser accessories and if the tunic is in a dark colour, then some antique jewellery would look good,” she adds.