Village in MP gets electricity 63 years after independence

Village in MP gets electricity 63 years after independence

Koparwel, a tiny village with 20 households, broke into jubilation with electric power lighting a bulb in one of its huts recently.

The first ever villager to get the electricity connection in the village is Ambaram.
No sooner Ambaram's place was lightened up with a CFL bulb, the villagers worshipped it and distributed "prasad" with bursting firecrackers.

"It is a matter of joy that electricity has come to our village," Ambaram said.
Children are happy that they will have electricity to study at night and bid adieu to lantern era shortly. The youths of the village too are glad that they won't have to go to neighbouring village to charge their cell phone batteries, he said.

However, it was not an easy task to electrify Koparwel, since it is situated on a hillock posing technical challenges.

"It was a challenge to electrify Ambaram's place given that the village is situated on the hilltop," Madhya Pradesh Western Distribution Company Limited (MPWDCL) Chief Engineer Sanjay Mohase said.

In two to four days, other houses in the village too will get electricity connection, he said.